Welcome to our new website!

We’ve felt for a while that it was time for a refresher, and are excited to have a new site that’s clean, bold and easy to use.

We wanted the site to showcase the stunning architecture and range of program spaces throughout our portfolio. That’s why the first section of the site is called ARCHITECTURE. It may not be the first word that comes to mind when people think of Stanmar,Inc. but we know it’s what visitors remember when they’ve seen any of our 75 facilities.

We also refocused on what makes Stanmar, Inc. unique – what we call THE ADVANTAGE. We’re specialists with who use the Design Build method. We have an excellent track record of facilities being completed on budget and on schedule, and our clients embrace our unique approach known for its simplicity, elegance, and proven effectiveness.

This section of our website will spotlight both our new projects and current events at past clients’ facilities. We’ve developed a vast network of professionals, academics, and friends over our 101 years of business, and plan to collaborate with them to add Stanmar, Inc.’s perspective to the issues of the day. All forthcoming articles and videos will be posted right here.

We’re proud of our past work, excited about the future, and pleased to present this site to the world!

-The Stanmar, Inc. Team

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