We love the flow of our new Squash & Swim Center. The building blends well with the existing architecture. We also like the fine detailing that Stanmar, Inc. used in the facility – such as the marble treatment on the window ledge in the back stairwell. Everyone also loves the Riverview Lounge. We think it’s spectacular and we’re using it for more than just athletics… We’re hosting many events there.

Ms. Susan Griffin, Former Athletic Director, Miss Porter’s School

With Stanmar, Inc.’s innovative design we’re getting all the program components we originally wanted, but in a new building, and we’re saving money. At Tufts, we’re incredibly proud of not only our varsity and club sports, but also our many intramural, health and fitness activities that reflect the University’s vision and values as a whole. I know that students, faculty, alumni, and friends are going to be extremely proud of our new Center…

Richard Reynolds, Tufts University

At Saint Joseph College in West Hartford, Connecticut, the undergraduate full-time enrollment has increased significantly, reaching the largest undergraduate enrollment in the history of the College. Among the most significant contributors to this achievement was the opening of our Athletic Center, the O’Connell Center. This event expanded the student application pool, attracted high-school varsity athletes, brought hundreds of newcomers to visit our campus – or obtain an athletic membership to the O’Connell Center – and enhanced the College’s image in the Greater Hartford Community.

Sister Maureen Reardon, RSM, Ph.D, Saint Joseph College

Stanmar, Inc. brought a full-service approach to our project that was very nice. They have a history and experience with these types of facilities and we didn’t have to worry about the day-to-day things. Our new Wellness Center is revolutionizing how people are working out on our campus. It has transformed our students, faculty, and staff. The building also makes a statement that we have formidable athletic teams and is already proving useful in recruiting both varsity and non-varsity athletes alike.

The Honorable Ron Machtley, Bryant College
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