We selected Stanmar, Inc. from among a fine field of design/builders because of their previous credentials, and their outstanding professional methodologies. Working with Stanmar, Inc. presented an opportunity for a lasting partnership and that was important to us. They inherently knew how to combine our athletic program needs with that of their professional design/build know-how. Stanmar, Inc. met with us, listened to our needs, and then had the flexibility to adapt.

Mr. Harry Royle, Former Athletic Director, Hofstra University

Athletic facilities that stand up to the everyday wear and tear are hard to come by. If you are thinking of building an athletic center anywhere in the country, you should connect with Stanmar, Inc.. They built us the best athletic center we could have asked for with basketball courts, pool, fitness center, student lounge and locker rooms. Well-built and on schedule.

Mr. Jim Hunter, Director of Facilities, Hamden Hall Country Day School

Stanmar, Inc. exceeded our expectations. Everyone that enters our new facility remarks on its beauty. The interior finishes are gorgeous and the view – overlooking the full length of the pool – is breathtaking. Stanmar, Inc.’s ability to listen and make the change that we needed was also good. Initially, we chose Stanmar, Inc. for value. At the end of the day, we were left with a wonderful facility that looked terrific, and definitely was a pleasure to build. Stanmar, Inc. worked hard to get our facility completed on time and on budget and it’s more beautiful than we expected.

Mr. Michael Rengers, Sarah Lawrence College

We had never dealt with a design/build company before, but everything went well, and the students love the building. We use the building often, including the lounge area, because it has a river view. We were very happy with the quality of work that Stanmar provided. Stanmar met our expectations – the facility came in on budget and on time. I would recommend Stanmar to other schools for all these reasons.

Mr. Richard Norris, Miss Porter’s School

Without Stanmar, Inc.’s expertise in athletic facility design, we would not have been able to build the building that we’ve built. We got the most for our dollar.

Mr. Robert Izzo, Hamden Hall Country Day School

Since our Kesler Center opened, it has been receiving an incredible amount of use… There has been a lot of excitement and it’s definitely enhanced the quality of life on campus… It’s given Taylor University the ability to support wellness activities and has also greatly enhanced our healthy living objectives. We’ve also been able to achieve our goal of more consistent and even support for our intramural program.

Mr. Ronald B. Sutherland, Taylor University

We were very happy with the quality of work that Stanmar, Inc. provided. Stanmar, Inc.’s communication skills and their ability to listen to our needs were excellent and they made an effort to keep everyone on the same page.  There are ebbs and flows that occur naturally in a project of this magnitude and Stanmar, inc. did a great job of managing the project time line… and working with us to make sure our budget was met.

Mr. Ronald B. Sutherland, Taylor University

The Gallagher Center is an important facility for the University, being that it was named after James P Gallagher upon his retirement in 2007 after being President for 23 years. Looking back, what I’m most impressed with today is that the planning that went into the facility in 2007 has given us more benefit in 2013 than we could ever have imagined. We are using space to fit such a variety of campus needs. Combined with the quality of the facility and minimal operational issues, and I’m thrilled with what the Gallagher Center is providing for our community.

Mr. Tom Shirley, Athletic Director, Philadelphia University

Stanmar, Inc. helped with our project definition right from the beginning. What we could actually do-given our budget and helped us explore what the various tradeoffs might be.  It’s like Stanmar, Inc. intuitively knew our thinking process and what we would like to see in the building.

Mr. William P Morgan, Saint Joseph’s College

We definitely knew that they were specialists in this type of building. Stanmar, Inc. really listened to our needs and incorporated them into our design. We were also thrilled that they came in under budget and the building was completed on time.

Ms. Anne Marie Wagner, College of Mount Saint Joseph