This is the first project I have been involved with that came in under budget and was completed before the deadline. We chose Stanmar, Inc. because we were impressed by their design and plan for our new building. We also visited different facilities that Stanmar, Inc. had constructed, and were equally impressed by the workmanship and quality of these buildings. I have already recommended Stanmar, Inc. to others because I know they will do an outstanding job, and I want other institutions to benefit from their expertise and professionalism.

Dr. James J. Ross Mount, St. Clare College

One of the reasons I love Marywood is the institution’s commitment to top athletic facilities and building our athletic tradition. It all started with Stanmar, Inc.’s well-designed Center for Athletics and Recreation, which has been an important factor in our enrollment and retention over the past few years. We’ve recently built turf fields and other great outdoor facilities, and are now adding new teams to our program. 2013 is a very exciting time for the University!

Dr. Mary Jo Gunning, Marywood University

Working with Stanmar, Inc. on the planning committee for our athletic center was a great learning experience for me. The important thing I took away and remember from the process is that when I voiced my opinion as the AD of Marywood, Stanmar’s team listened, respected, and incorporated what I had to say while always keeping in mind the University’s overall goals for the facility and budget parameters.

Dr. Mary Jo Gunning, Marywood University

Our new Spiro Sports Center is a beautiful building, it’s a terrific addition for the college and we’re proud to have it on our campus. The facility will work nicely for us… the pool is beautiful, we have a very nice fitness center and the basketball arena is better that we hoped for.

Dr. Norman Smith, Wagner College

Our new Mellow Center is absolutely important for enrollment and retention – no question about that! It has blended into an area of our campus that was being redesigned in a kind of what we call ‘Student life corridor’ of substantial housing renovations and a couple of other buildings that were being added to facilities on other parts of the campus. This has all just worked well together.

Dr. Raymond P. Heath, Marywood University

Our new Mellow Center is a marvelous facility and within our budgets. Anyone in a small college setting just doesn’t have the resources to absorb significant Change Orders, or other kinds of issues, and this went well. I would absolutely recommend Stanmar, Inc. to other schools. Not to say that a big school wouldn’t have the same appreciation of doing it more cost effectively, but to other schools similar to ours, I think it’s probably the only way to go on a specialized a building.

Dr. Raymond P. Heath, Marywood University

The Center for the Arts has an inherent energy that generates a sense of belonging. It has quickly become the hallmark building of our campus. Working with Stanmar, Inc.,  first on the Post Sport Center and with the Center for the Arts, has been a true pleasure. Everything was done to achieve the best possible building at our set price. Stanmar, Inc.’s willingness to help us execute the plan has earned our highest respect.

Dr. Richard E. Wylie, President, Endicott College

I’ve been in higher education 35 years. I’ve built many buildings and what we were looking for was a company that had a good reputation that followed through, came in on budget, and would work with us as a partner in development of the facility. Stanmar, Inc. absolutely delivered in every aspect. Communication was a hallmark – a strength. They’re promises were fulfilled; we felt that they responded in every way. I would like to have Stanmar, Inc. as our builder on every project on this campus. The relationship between Stanmar, Inc. and Endicott was spectacular… we want to celebrate not only our new center, but the great relationship that was created.

Dr. Richard E. Wylie, President, Endicott College

Stanmar, Inc. met our extraordinarily tight time and budget requirements, and delivered an attractive quality building precisely on schedule. Our new Timmons Arena has had a very positive impact on campus life and on our ability to reach out to the surrounding community.

Dr. Wendy Libby, Furman University

Our new Jane P. Batten Student Center is the finest facility on the East Coast. We chose Stanmar, Inc. to design and build our building because we felt they were the best around. We wanted someone who had experience in this area and Stanmar, Inc.’s know-how was a strength. They really know how to put these types of facilities together. When you look at our building, there’s a definite feeling that it belongs on our campus. Nothing else is close. In fact, our facility is the talk of the whole state of Virginia… Now that the building’s complete, it’s transformed our campus.

Dr. William T. Greer, Jr., Virginia Wesleyan University