Philadelphia University

The Gallagher Center is an important facility for the University, being that it was named after James P Gallagher upon his retirement in 2007 after being President for 23 years. Looking back, what I’m most impressed with today is that the planning that went into the facility in 2007 has given us more benefit in 2013 than we could ever have imagined. We are using space to fit such a variety of campus needs. Combined with the quality of the facility and minimal operational issues, and I’m thrilled with what the Gallagher Center is providing for our community.

Mr. Tom Shirley, Athletic Director, Philadelphia University


Over budget and without a suitable site location, Philadelphia University didn’t think they would be able to build their new athletic facility anytime soon. When our team of designers and architects evaluated the challenges, we proposed a unique solution, placing the new athletic facility on top of the University’s new parking garage, connecting it to the existing Althouse Gymnasium, and next to the also under construction Kanbar Campus Center. The resulting facility fits seamlessly into both the old and new buildings on campus. Our innovative design allowed Philadelphia University to go forward with their plans knowing they could trust our team to finish on time and on budget – both promises we are determined keep with any client.


  • Main Lobby with Control Desk
  • Three Court Competition Gymnasium with Seating For 2,500
  • Elevated Jogging Track
  • Hospitality Suite Overlooking Competition Gymnasium
  • Large Fitness Center
  • Renovated (Former Althouse Gymnasium) with One Court Recreational Gymnasium, Aerobics Room, and Racquetball Courts,
  • Athletics Staff Wing With Reception, Offices, and Conference Rooms
  • Wall Of Fame Area With Trophy Cases
  • Sports Medicine Suite With Offices, Taping Tables And Hydro-Therapy Room