Hofstra University

When Stanmar, Inc. completed our Hofstra Arena, our men’s varsity basketball team earned a trip to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1977, having gone undefeated in our new buildings. Since then, we’ve produced other championship athletic teams and our arena is better than ever. Stanmar, Inc.’s proven, professional design/build team really knows how to build high-quality, multipurpose facilities and we’ve fostered a lasting partnership with them that is important to us.

Mr. Harry Royle, Former Athletic Director, Hofstra University


When we designed and built the Mack Sports Complex, we knew Hofstra planned to host athletic tournaments, commencement, exhibitions, trade shows, and concerts. The 5,000 seat Arena was designed with the word ‘multipurpose’ in mind. That being said, we never imagined it would host our President not once, but twice, being chosen as the venue for the third and final debate between President Obama and Senator McCain in 2008, and the second debate between President Obama and Governor Romney in 2012. It was also home to the first 2016 Presidential Debate between Clinton and Trump. Stanmar, Inc. is proud to have worked with Hofstra on a facility that has hosted Division I athletes,  rock stars, and the leading politicians of our day!


  • 5,112 Seat Arena, One Competition Court and Two Practice Courts
  • Four Sided Led Scoreboard With Sound System
  • Luxury Boxes
  • Athletic Staff Offices & Conference Room
  • Five Ticket Booths
  • Two Concession Areas


  • Selected to host 2 presidential debates, one in 2008 and one in 2012