Stanmar’s Design & Construction Approach

True Collaboration

Stanmar’s integrated team of architects, engineers, and construction professionals all work together to give our clients a comprehensive Design & Construction approach that is different from what they have experienced on prior projects.

This video of PJ McDonald, Headmaster of the Eagle Hill School in Hardwick, MA, discusses why he selected Stanmar to Design and Construct the Ron. M Baglio Sport & Fitness Center.

The Design Solution

When a client engages with Stanmar, we begin The Design Solution. This process takes approximately five months during which we avoid the major pitfalls and problems seen in planning and construction by tackling the toughest issues, including realistic budget parameters, before any major investment has been made in working drawings.

During this proactive design process, we apply the tenets of traditional campus planning to ensure the future facility fits into our clients’ master plan and is sited correctly.

The Results

The Design Solution Package, in addition to generating momentum with donors and excitement throughout campus, results in:

  • A Guaranteed, Fixed Price for the Turnkey Design, Engineering and Construction of The Facility
  • Floor Plans, Elevations, and Renderings
  • Detailed Performance Specifications
  • A Project Schedule

Final Design

When clients are ready, they enter into the final design phase, which results in completed working drawings.

During this phase, we go in detail through each area of the facility, ensuring the layout has buy-in from all facets on campus. At the table are both our lead architect and project manager, ensuring that decisions made during this phase are never made without a clear understanding of the construction costs and timeline.

This integrated approach pays dividends during construction just as much as during design, as there will never be questions about why a decision was made and when. As a result, we are able to work efficiently, and can often fast-track the start of construction to overlap with the end of the design phase.

Stress-Free Construction

Stanmar projects are completed on budget and on schedule. Here’s why:

  • A Guaranteed, Upfront Fixed Price Before Construction Begins
  • No Change Orders
  • Local Subcontractors, Benefiting Your Community
  • Expert Project Managers and Superintendents

Get Started!

We have worked all over the nation, and are qualified to handle any region’s construction laws and codes. We are proud of our approach and of the high quality, custom-design facilities we have delivered all across the nation.

Please contact us to see if we are the right fit for your next facility – we would be honored to work with you.