Stanmar’s Design Solution

Stanmar’s Design Solution takes approximately 4-5 months and is unique to Stanmar. We avoid the major pitfalls and problems seen in planning and construction by tackling the toughest issues, including realistic budget parameters, before any major investment in working drawings and construction costs. The Design Solution builds fundraising momentum with donors and excitement amongst all constituencies.

The Design Solution Results In:

  • A Guaranteed Fixed Price
  • Floor Plans, Elevations, and Renderings
  • Detailed Performance Specifications
  • A Project Schedule

Following the Design Solution, we commence with the Final Design and Construction, where we have an excellent track record of completing facilities on time, on budget, with no change orders. Our projects feature Stanmar Project Managers, Stanmar on site superintendents, and local subcontractors.  It’s an elegant and simple process that has delighted our customers for decades!